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So hey blog, “How Are You?” Listen I know it has been awhile but things in my life have been tad hay wire! However this just makes for more material…right?

Anyways as usual I am sitting in my international business law class, not paying attention because I have much more productive things to do like, um let’s say group message my crazy roommates, and of course read such things as ya know.. the WALL STREET JOURNAL , and of course my favorite reading material in the entire world JEWCY.

side note: I recently had a professor tell me that people who read the Wall Street Journal are more likely to be successful, so instead of paying attention to my non-English speaking teacher speak of Shanghai and the WTO, I decide to educate myself, with the useful help of the WSJ. This man also told me that people who say the word “basically” are idiots, now when people say the word “basically” I think they are dumb. Thanks dude!

As I was intelligently group messaging and reading from my iPad, while in class, not giving two shits if Mrs. China saw me, I came across an article on JEWCY that really hit close to home. It is entitled “My Jewish/Love Hate Relationship with Food,” by Emily Shire.

I’ll start by summarizing this article: it is about a Jewish girl, who doesn’t know she is fat until around second grade, she then realizes she is fat, then it goes on about her weight battles as a child. I included the link because if your reading this, it means your capable of reading the article and there is no need for me to summarize more!

So let’s move on to MANDRIA. I feel like Shire is talking about me here! Hell I was a damn killer whale by the time second grade hit. My brothers and sisters called me “The Beast,” hence the M added to my name, sums it all up.

side note: I was so big I looked like a boy. Get it MANDRIA?

I ate everything from the time I woke up until the time I went to sleep. My mother said if you told me it was chicken, I ate it. She furthers the joke by saying I had a penis but I got hungry one day and thought it was chicken to I ate it off. Funny shit isn’t it?

Let me just say that I feel Bea’s pain in this article that Shire speaks of. I was the only Jewish girl in my entire elementary school besides my sister, who was skinny. It was a constant battle for me to try and fit in with the blonde haired, straight haired, skinny Christian Catholic girls who I envied oh so much.

I remember getting picked on not for only being Jewish, but for looking different. I was in 5th grade and as hairy as an ape, with a massive head of curls. As Shire says “being called fat and realizing you’re not like the other little girls stays with you,” it stays with you at 22, and it will probably stay with you at 30.

side note: I thank g-d everyday now for my curls and being heavy because it has taught me life lessons, and my hair is gorgeous, and natural, and fat people are nice people! 

Yes like Shire, I discovered good health come high school and into college, but I carry a constant fear of getting fat, every second of everyday.

Especially within the Jewish culture, there is an urge to be skinny and be pretty. I just recently started semi-dating Jewish boys, who I always thought wouldn’t date me because I was thin or pretty enough, or at least felt I had to up hold an image being a Jewish woman.

As of now though, I have a lot more confidence, but I am so appreciative for this article being written. It is a joke to be called MANDRIA now, but it is not fun growing up heavy. It is not fun growing up heavy and being the only Jewish chick on the block.

Kudos to you Emily Shire, this is a great piece of work and I just had to write a lil somethin’ somethin’ about it, in honor of my other once heavy Jewish sistas’ out there!!


photo (10)

Yes meet MANDRIA..this was me, in third grade.

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